Zengyo Z presents “OAZIZ”

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Zengyo Z presents “OAZIZ”


16:00 麗しのKONADA (Gtr.exピンクリボン軍KON & Gtr.Vo Mr.adajann /Per山ちゃん)
16:30 ATA (from 鹿児島)
17:00 Chuliplity (葉山)
17:30 Leo (from 種子島)
18:00 BAMIUDA (上院党)
18:20 GREEN SHIT (変態村)
18:50 Keyco (東京)
19:40 Satoshi Band Acoustics
(Vo.Satoshi from 山嵐/E.gtr I-Watch / A.gtr Yusei / Par.Sleepy Kenta from Scotch bonnet hot souse / per.ミッチェル from OASIS )